the history of tinosana

Attention to detail, technological innovation and the ability to work as a team. These are just some of the traits that distinguish the work of Tinosana, which has been working in the high-end contract sector for over 50 years. A story born from a passion for wood and its processing that, even today, continues to be central to the craftsmanship of the “masters” of this raw material who every day produce furniture and furnishing accessories at the Almenno San Bartolomeo (Bergamo) headquarters.

A path so rooted in the territory and on the desire to create added value that two complementary realities that speak of the past and the future are placed side by side with the production site: the Tino Sana Carpenter’s Museum and the Tinosana School of Carpentry and Technology.

Just a few meters from each other, Tinosana represents the close link between PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE!