Tino Sana creations are developed in an area of 50 thousand sqm, where 150 employees are engaged every day in achieving perfection in details. The use of the most advanced machinery guarantees high quality creations and care for the environment.
Tino Sana solutions combine functionality and zest for life. This is the result of great attention paid to the work performed and to all resources. The company philosophy is geared to minimizing emissions, which are constantly monitored and maintained within the established norms, and to the recovery of energy from waste products.


1. Sales office – Purchase office – Show room
2. Technical office
3. Carpentry museum – Woodworking practical school
4. Mechanical processing of steel and brass
5. Naval furnishing processing
6. Processing of preparation machines
7. Carpentry workshop
8. Painting
9. Upholstering
10. Warehouses
11. Resin and gold coating department
12. Assembly
13. Shipping
14. Administration