What is the origin of the raw materials used?

The raw materials used for creating our furniture are of Italian origin and are supplied by the leading companies in each relative sector. More specifically, wood, veneers and panels always come from suppliers who can guarantee timber plantations that are controlled and regulated.
The materials are checked upon arrival at the company, to ensure quality that matches corporate standards. Tino Sana is particularly sensitive to issues of respect for the environment and, therefore, all materials and varnishes comply with the relevant EC standards and regulations. For more than 5 years now, varnishing is being performed using water-based varnishes, thus reducing the quantity of solvents used.

How is the job managed?

Customer management, during the order acquisition phase, is handled by the sales department, coordinated by the relative sales manager, and handles the project, generating a timely and detailed estimate to be submitted to the customer. Once the estimate has been confirmed, the order is defined. From this point, a project manager from the technical department is assigned and will be responsible for monitoring all phases of work from the creation of working drawings to the final delivery of the job, acting as the main point of contact for the customer and the construction site.

Since the pieces are unique, how do you guarantee the final result?

We must specify that, starting with our estimate, in all developmental phases regarding the furniture, our goal is to provide maximum transparency to the customer. Working drawings are created, with true to size details, and these can be used for discussing and analysing all the specifics relative to the furniture, together with the customer and the architects. Samples of the materials to be used are added to these details, before being put into production. All these documents are signed by the customer and will be an integral part of the contract stipulated between Tino Sana s.r.l. and the customer, guaranteeing compliance with the final result.
The company is well equipped to build mock-ups and sample rooms. In this case, the definition of financial aspects will be discussed on each occasion with the customer.

Do you also adopt serial production?

We have often wondered if it might be worth entering into the world of serial furniture, but the answer is always the same, leading us to conclude that we should remain faithful to the philosophy with which we came to be and through which the company has developed. We have, therefore, chosen to focus on custom-made furniture, the thing we are best at, working with flexibility and adapting the structure with technical solutions and a productive pole that allows us to perform the largest number of jobs internally.
The adjective that probably best sums up our main features is FLEXIBILITY. Our approach to each individual project is not subject to fixed rules and we try to find the best way to meet the needs of the customer, always without neglecting the principles that made us what we are today.

Do you provide a contract service?

The company is structured to provide a turnkey product, if this is requested by the customer. Our company’s plus is definitely the internal production of furniture, but thanks to collaboration with numerous trusted suppliers, we are also able to provide every other product (from lighting, supply of bathrooms materials, etc.), thereby allowing us to provide a complete product and making us the customers’s only interlocutor.